Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Getting to grips with the camera

I've always produced by best work in front of the computer, so I was a little edgy about using a camera. That's the problem with being a bit of a perfectionist, I get a bit worried when I think something could go wrong even before it does. Terrified of dropping the thing too!

My thoughts after seminar 1:

1. Looking forward to this project, although I'm not sure what it's going to be on. I guess that depends on who I work with.

2. Who am I going to work with? I've already had a couple of bad experiences with group work at university. There's always one person who can't be bothered.

3. Sound. My girlfriend did film making at college and told me it's really hard to get good sound. Being a massive music fan, a music writer and having a love for expensive hi-fi equipment, I have a massive appreciation for things which sound nice. I expect any sound issues to be highly frustrating.

This is a test

Or is it?