Friday, 13 February 2009

My thoughts on some Cinema Verite films

Don't look back by Pennybaker

Short and sweet. Doesn't really have a point, but I appreciate the raw footage and Pennybaker was lucky enough to catch Dylan in a humourous mood.

Salesmen by Maysles brothers

It's a short documentary, but so much information is conveyed through through excellent editing. It's ahead of its time; I view this as a prelude to the dark side of capitalism that we're experiencing today - the pushiness of those who are desperate for a single dollar and the cut-throat engine that powers the culture. I think it's the music and the way the shots are cut that really makes this stand out; the sarcastic use of the image of jesus and the jolting zoom is brilliant.

JFK film

I love this. With the benefit of hindsight, it's very chilling; there are some similarities between his and Obama's election. It really brings home what happened and what could happen again. But of course, this was filmed 3 years before his assasination, and when distancing oneself from the events that followed, the one thing that's striking about this film is how convincing it is. It really shows the power and influence the media has. Further to that, anything on real black & white film looks excellent.

Twenty-Seven short stories

Like the idea a lot. It's unique and creative, but it's nowhere as interesting as it should be and looks like it's heading towards desperate 'X-Factor' style enterainment.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Idea fest

It sounds like I lack ideas, but I dont. I'm open to almost anything. In fact, I'm getting bored of my comfort zone. I'd happily make a film about something that's completely alien.

A few people have posted up ideas on Studynet. I like the idea of a public service announcement and the mockumentary staging the assination of Gordon Brown - could be tricky though! I'm up for a challenge, but I don't want to get involved in something that's beyond me at this stage.

My biggest interests are music, politics, film and culture. That leaves me open to a lot! Hopefully in the next seminar we'll be in groups and can get the ball rolling.

More camera practice

Ok, I'm starting understand the camera a lot more now. I can now use it without and set it up without having a completely blank look on my face. In the latest seminar, we went out to interview people and ask them about their graduate prospects in light of the economic downturn. Managed to get 3 interviews and everyone was good; not too much bopping about or fidgeting.