Saturday, 28 March 2009

Filming report

The filming went really well I think. In total we got loads and loads of footage, so we wont be stuck for material.

The sound came out really well, though Alec was a little quiet, but it's no problem. The image is nice and crisp too, so thumbs up on that.

It was really interesting meeting our guests. I was fortunate enough to be able to get to know Alec a bit before he went on film. His story was really sad and I felt really honored to meet him. There were a few tears too, which isn't much of a suprise. After hearing what he went through, I will never complain about anything again! It really brings home how fortunate we are but so many people take it for granted.

It was fun having the kids around from the school too. It made a change having people much younger around. It kind of gave the studio a youthful vibe, even with Alec and Anita around.

Overall, the filming was a sucess and I feel the day was a very positive experience.

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