Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Post initial meeting / Pre tutorial

We met this time last week to discuss our project so far and to make the next steps.

What we discussed:

  • Time management
  • Our questions
  • Filming style
  • Our interviewees

Time management: This is going to be very difficult for us because we can't even film until Thursday 26th March, which essentially leaves us with very little time for editing and finishing off the paper work. A few of us will be on holiday at some point over the easter break, so we'll be losing more time there. But, this isn't impossible. We have a large group and can share the work load, and a couple of us have said that we're willing to come in and work on it at weekends and late nights.

Our Questions: We've learnt from some of the previous videos not to ask obvious and badly structured questions. We'll get much better footage if we ask the right questions and try to steer our interview in the direction that we want them to go.

Filming Style: We've decided that only the interviewee will be in the film. We're undecided whether the interviewer's voice will be cut, but s/he definately wont be in the shot. We've got the film studio for the whole day, so we have plenty of time to get enough footage. Some of us have other seminars to attend, but at least two people have the whole day free.

Our Interviewees: So far we only know who one of our interviewees is; Alec Ward, a Polish man who survived the slave camps after the Nazis invaded Poland. We're currently preparing some questions for him.

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